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Latest News 15/09/2022:

Progression update:
Hello everyone, yet a nother week has past and yet again we have been very bussy which a lot of things. We also got a new member in Team Diode Arena, some of you might now him his discord name is speedgnom. So yet again welcome to the team my friend.

social media update:
GDMaarten aka me has been very bussy with making a new social media account, which you can find and follow in #self-add-roles. I've also been bussy with making a website for the game, with all the amazingness. wich you can aspect from this team. here are some sneak peaks. The Diode Arena website will be mobile ready and later down the line a login function with steam!

Programming progresion:
Programming this week has been slow and delayed do to marketing, meetings and things around wards personal life. there has been a extreamly experimental patch released to test a lot of core machanics, there are a lot of bugs in this patch so its not recommended. to test it out. But if you do its your own risk of losing your bots.

3D progression:
Our 3D person made some new amzing parts for the game. Wich you will be able to seen in the pictures below! lets us know what you think! For all the pictures of the parts go to our Instagram @teamdiodearena

planning for this week:
Updating all the socail media and making everything public.
bug fixing the unstable branch.
Working on all the weapons/movement parts