Patchnotes 0.6.3

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Relase date patchnotes 15/01/2022

Patchnotes 0.6.3:

New Features:

Minor features
* You can now choose a custom room name.
* Added new AI bot designs.
* Loosened Steam integration so you can play without if desired.
* Updated Credits.
* Gyro model update.
* Hoverblade icon.

Major bug fixes:
* Code execution order problem causing reward RPC triggers to not arrive with clients, which in term causes respawn dialogue to not appear, so the player gets stuck with no option to respawn
* Problem related to bot respawn/despawn which caused the game to confuse AI bots for player controlled ones. This could lead to horrendously buggy situations, including getting stuck in spectating mode.
* Introduce game version filter to prevent different testing versions of the game from mixing (which would be extremely buggy)

Minor bug fixes:
* Added walls to FFA arena
* Added camera colliders for garage air vents
* Resolution controls not working
* Paint all button opening skin selection in stead
* Tower rotation animation not playing (looping)
* Removed “ms” from ping display, which allows ping text to always fit properly
* Limit amount of kill log messages allowed on screen at the same time
* Button text remaining gray after disabled button becomes enabled again
* Temporarily set EU as the fixed server region so players can always find eachother
* Rework painting code to fix various bugs related to initial setup and interaction with undo/redo
* Fixed UI errors for core buttons in the shop
* Added core tier unlocks to the tech tree
* Shader bug in speed measuring trolley in practice mode
* Player joined announcement being inconsistent or not showing the correct name
* Death barrier only affecting host player
* AI movement and aiming animations breaking on client connections
* Cleaned up bot info tag visibility/upkeep logic. Prevent tag from appearing randomly over empty space

Balance changes:

* Increased Core booster CC bonus from 10% to 25%
* Small core changes to make them less likely to pop loose and become ridiculously frustrating to finish off
* weight increased from 30 to 100
* HP decreased from 50 to 30
* CC limit increased from 1000 to 1200
* Doubled overall laser gun damage to bring it more in line with rocket damage (this is still up for debate)