Patchnotes 0.7.0

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Relase date patchnotes 01/03/2022

Patchnotes 0.7.0:

New Features:

New team deathmatch mode:
* New map, similar structure to the previous one but in a desert theme
* Team rewards
* Static amount for playing a match and winning by your tier
* Additional reward for dealing damage and supporting teammates
* New match status and score hud
* Player joining, level Loading/reloading level sequence
* Team balancing
Practice upgrade:
* Added quick function buttons to menu: repair, reset rotation and respawn
* Lower speed monitor for easier viewing
* Add bot-align function to speed tunnel system
* Can now zoom in/out testing guns with scroll wheel

Minor features:
* Updated Gyro model
* Physics update:
* Air drag will now scale with squared velocity, which means that slower bots will be slightly faster while high speeds are strongly restricted.
* Thrusters have been rebalanced around this physics and an important bugfix, in particular they are a lot heavier to nerf low-tier thruster stick builds without removing utility for cars and normal hovercraft
* Added generators and battery parts
* Added function for volatile parts, i.e. parts that can cause extra explosion damage to your bot when destroyed
* Rework camera tracking
* Camera tracking will now move closer to the core as your bot’s bounding box shrinks due to shot off parts
* Clipping checks have been improved, so the Camera should not be able to go out of bounds as easily anymore
* Play stats/ player reward system rework
* Game will now track play stats; kills, damage dealt per type etc.
* Reward tracking has been made more robust
* Tab menu will show kills/deaths and earnings per player
* Free timeout will show detailed earnings per player/AI interaction
* Added full bot transform options: Rotate +/- 90° and Rotate 180°
* Added more detail to module specialization; will now show actual stat changes
* New logic for weakening aim of AI
* General improvements to AI navigation
* Voucher unlocks now have a repeating part, i.e. you can continue to unlock new goodies (in particular tech unlocks) forever
* Bot tier is now displayed on info tags

Bug Fixes:

* Bot info tag getting hidden when line of sight is “obstructed” by your own bot
* AI script not recognizing rocket weapons, this caused bot 8 to immediately default to a crippled state, causing it to run and self-destruct without trying to fight.
* FFA timeout screen not closing when quitting a match via the menu, and thus being open when joining a new match or going into practice mode
* AI navigation in practice ignoring invisible walls and obstacles
* AI sometimes failing to update shooting target, causing it to ignore the player
* Removed tinting from core glass windows, which could prevent damage color from displaying properly on low graphics settings
* Prevent HUD from magically showing hitpoints of a random bot in the match while despawned
* Booster being constantly stuck in superburst mode and being incorrectly balanced around upscaled power and energy values
* Problems that would sometimes cause negative rewards, which could also lead to a bugged save file that would crash the game. Has been patched along with extra input checks to prevent similar bugs from occurring.
* Prevent bot info tags from stacking on practice bot
* Prevent paint colors from resetting after a block is ‘errored out’ in the builder